“We are at sea”

– Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, following the legalization of gay marriage.
The United States of America has been a beacon of freedom, hope, and progress for the last 240 years. What started as a bold experiment in democracy has become the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Together, we have conquered technological hurdles, improved life for much of the world, and remained true to the values that inspired us to break away from British rule so many years ago. While other world powers fall, the U.S. remains. Our flag stands as a testament to the principles of liberty…and the sacrifices necessary to keep those principles upheld.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.

There has always been a push-pull dynamic at work in American politics. Opposing forces collide in Washington just as intended by the framers of the Constitution, hammering out an acceptable middle ground that (theoretically) represents the will of the people. For more than 200 years, that dynamic has worked to keep this nation great. Perfect? Never. But since the conclusion of the Civil War, America’s future has always appeared bright.

That’s not true anymore.

Today, the future of the United States is in jeopardy. Not from foreign threats but from within. We are a nation in fast decline, throwing our principles over the side of the boat as quickly as we can. Our culture is in disarray, having been transformed and distorted by Hollywood and the liberal media. Our values have gone topsy-turvy. Christians are out; gay marriage is in. Independence is out; welfare is in. Truth is out; propaganda is in. Instead of championing free speech and a government by the people, we seem more interested in being told what to do, what to say, and how to think.

The Constitution – that divinely-inspired anchor that has kept America grounded in a series of inalienable rights – has been stomped underfoot by dictators in disguise. Unelected judges thwart the will of the people with constitutional interpretations that defy legal analysis. Congress ignores the mandates imposed on them by the voting public. And the president chooses to ignore the law whenever it suits his agenda, chipping away at democracy with every day he spends in the White House.

Our mission is not to support the Republican Party. It is not to campaign for one politician or another. It is to put a light on the many ways in which our country is being torn apart. It is to expose the truth behind the fictions we find in the mainstream media. It is to remind the American people that our country used to be great…and could be great again.

We do not believe that liberals have taken our country past the point of no return. There is still time to salvage this great experiment before it implodes. But the clock is ticking.